In October 2014, the head teacher wrote initially to the Edwards Trustees explaining the difficulties we had in school and the way in which the Student Council had asked for increased computing capacity and improved cookery facilities.  The request for £250,000 was not quite matched but a very generous £150,000 was agreed by letter received on 29th January 2015.

A plea for matched funding to the Diocese raised another £150,000 and we were under way.  Many meetings with Governors, architects, parents and (most importantly) pupils led to the agreed plans, tenders being agreed and the first “sod” being cut on Sports’ Day 2015 with pupils, parents and staff all watching and cheering.


By the end of the first week of the summer holidays, walls were being demolished, resources moved from their places; cables, wires, drills, saws, wheel barrows and ladders everywhere!




Slowly but surely the Computer Suite was completed and the foundations and walls of the new Year 6 Classroom began to rise.


The new facilities have been in use since Christmas 2015 and what a difference they have made to the life of the school.  Year 6 love their room which is helping them prepare for life at Secondary school with new desks, chairs and lockers.  The Computer suite is in continual use and is so much easier to teach the children as all are together in one room.


The Infant's Computer Area has been totally transformed from a cramped space trying to fulfil the needs of computing, library, small group work etc. into a bright and airy room with facilities for class cookery, space for Science investigations and larger scale practical projects.


And finally we now have wonderful access into the Prayer Garden with a safe gate so that children can have quiet time when they feel the need to sit and think or pray in a calm situation.